When I got the chance to visit South Tyrol along with a few other talented photographers, I was beyond stoked. I had seen so many pictures of the region, but never had the chance to get there myself. Until now! South Tyrol is a photographer’s dream. There are so many amazing places to photograph in South Tyrol that you actually would need a few trips to see them all. While doing that, you’ll most likely discover a few amazing unknown spots yourself! Skip the overly photographed Lago di Braies, and check out my top picks of the best instagrammable places in South Tyrol!

5. Tre Cime

This is an all-time classic location. Considering the amount of cars on the parking lot, we’re obviously not the only people that like this place. But there’s still a good way to avoid the crowd! Instead of doing like most people who start the hike in the morning to return by the evening, I suggest you start in the late afternoon to get to Tre Cime just in time for sunset. That way you not only get the best light conditions but hiking towards the hut in the distance will make it extra rewarding when you finally arrive.







So stay in the hut (limited places so no crowds) and then you’re all set for sunrise and do another round of shooting! In the morning you might get very lucky with the clouds being trapped in the valley below. The three peaks aren’t the only beautiful spots to snap some pictures of. Just wander around a little bit and create your own unique take on one of the region’s most known landmarks. Tre Cime is one of the best locations to photograph in South Tyrol!







4. Lago di Fiè

This was a great surprise for us. This spot is not know at all, and while the background might not be so impressive as near Lago di Braies, we still managed to get some awesome inspirational pictures from this location. Let me show you a few shots where I was the designated model for the evening.






3. Seceda

Although Seceda is easily accessible during the daytime by gondola, I wouldn’t recommend taking it; you want to be there before sunrise of course, and the gondola only starts running after the sun is already way up high. So to get there you either have to do a very boring hike at night, or set up camp the night before. Maybe you can also get in touch by the locals who live there or have a small business there and ask is they can pick you up by car! They are the only ones that are permitted to drive to the top. The sky gods were so good to us.






We got an amazing gloomy sunrise that made me feel like in Middle Earth, but after that the clouds came rolling in. If I hadn’t been busy petting the highland cattle and eating breakfast, I could’ve showed you better! Just a grab a seat and some sandwiches and enjoy the views 😉 You really don’t want to miss it during your trip because it’s one of the coolest places to photograph in South Tyrol!



2. Armentara meadows

Another great surprise during this trip! The easy hike through the meadows is out of this world and the scenery is breathtaking. This makes Armentara a great alternative for Alpe di Siusi. While Alpe di Siusi is best photographed during sunrise, for Armentara you need to be there in the evening. It’s an easy hike up but the area is so large you’ll probably do lots of walking on site to try a few different things. After messing around on the meadows, you can have a wholesome dinner at Ranch Da André.




1. Cir Spitze

Cir Spitze was a revelation for me and therefore it is my top recommendation for you guys! Before heading to South Tyrol, I had never even heard of this place. I have to be honest with you, it takes a lot of effort to get there! You’ll have to get up at 4 in the morning to start hiking a steap and difficult path towards the top. Three quarters on the way up, you’ll have to do a ‘via ferrata’ to cross a difficult section of the path. During daytime this might have been fairly easy, but mind you that you’ll most likely be doing this at night to get to the top at sunrise. This also means that the rocks and cliffs on the via ferrata are very slippery! Rope up and don’t do this on your own. Best solution is to get in touch with a mountain guide that will safely guide you to the Cir Peak. Just know that it’ll be worth it because once you’re there, the views are incredible. This is literally my top pick as the most instagrammable spot in South Tyrol!




So what other great spots you know in South Tyrol? I know there are plenty that I didn’t write about or didn’t even visit, but I had to make a selection. Let me know your favourites!




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