Treehotel review: Sweden’s coolest eco hotel

Treehotel review: Sweden's coolest eco hotel 1

In a Swedish forest just an hour driving from Luleå lies Treehotel, the creation of Kent and Britta Lindvall. Treehotel features 7 unique tree cabins promising an experience out of this world. Check-in happens at Britta’s Pensionat, a cozy guesthouse with 50’s interior. Britta made me feel welcome straight away and I wouldn’t have minded staying… Read more »


Stockholm top 10: which attractions are worth it and which aren’t?

Treehotel review: Sweden's coolest eco hotel 2

If you google ‘things to do in Stockholm’, you’ll get a bunch of lists with the most visited museums/attractions in the city. Obivously, the website where you can buy a Stockholm Pass also has such a list. Since Stockholm has somewhat become my second home, I thought I’d share my two cents on which Top… Read more »


Miss Clara Hotel Stockholm: review

Treehotel review: Sweden's coolest eco hotel 3

As you might have read in my previous post, I was back in Stockholm for a couple of days during the Easter weekend. We tried out the top 10 attractions, threw a bomb in our bath and stayed in the Stockholm’s nicest boutique hotel: Miss Clara Hotel!


Introduction: short city trip to Stockholm

Treehotel review: Sweden's coolest eco hotel 4

Stockholm. The capital of Scandinavia. That’s what they call themselves, probably to the annoyance of people from Copenhagen, Oslo or Helsinki, I guess. But Stockholm really lives up to its name. The city is stunning and if you haven’t been there, I advise you to start making plans right away!


You did what in our bath?!

Treehotel review: Sweden's coolest eco hotel 5

During the Easter weekend, I was in Stockholm for a few days. It was great to be back, I’ve been there a couple of times but hadn’t been able to return since the summer of 2015! Although the weather had been nice the days before, winter suddenly decide to come back for the Easter weekend. So… Read more »