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Srprs.me: I took a trip to a mystery destination!

Normally I’m the type of guy that plans a trip well in advance. You know, I’ll most likely made a map in Google Maps and pinpointed where our hotel is, how to get from the airport to the city center, and where the best viewpoints are. This month I did the exact opposite: I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and went on a surprise trip with srprs.me.

Italy /

Things you should know before driving in Italy

Okay, okay, you’ll find lots of articles online with tips on driving in Italy. But most of them just talk about generic stuff like the fact that most cars have a manual transmission and that a GPS is recommended. Of course it’s recommended, Captain Obvious, you’re in a country you don’t know full of winding streets! Let’s be honest here, how do those tips even help you? I’m not gonna fall into that trap so therefore here are my super handy tips for driving in Italy!

Italy /

Most beautiful villages around Lake Como

Lake Como is on the bucketlist of many, and after visiting the beautiful region myself in November, I can really see why George Clooney comes so often to his lakeside Villa Oleandra. But Lake Como is large, and the roads are narrow so travel around the lake is slow-paced. Therefore it’s best to know which villages are worth a stop and which aren’t. Let’s see what are the best villages around Lake Como.

Belgium /

Winter in Oostende

I spent last weekend in Oostende, a city along the Belgian Coast that was once the home of James Ensor and Marvin Gaye. My first thought was that the Belgian coast wasn’t really the place to go to during winter. But the city has more than enough to offer in low season to experience a pleasant weekend during Winter in Oostende. If you book a stay now, you’ll receive a gift worth 95 euros!

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Trip to the Dutch Wadden Islands

Recently I got to visit the Dutch Wadden Islands. Ah yes, these exotic islands are known for their white sandy beaches, colorful houses and beautiful Caribbean women. Right? Not quite, but here’s why they’re still worth the visit!