Boscolo Prague: hotel review

During our last visit to Prague my girlfriend and I stayed at the Boscolo hotel. Boscolo is a small Italian 5-star hotel chain, with hotels in Prague Budapest, Nice, Rome, Venice and Milan. Having previously resided in Boscolo Exedra Nice and Boscolo Budapest, I had no doubt the hotel in Prague would be of the same superb quality.

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Prague Zoo

During our trip to Prague, we made some time to head away from the busy city and visited the Zoo! It’s located outside the city centre and although you can get there by bus or even by boat plus a short walk after that, I recommend taking a taxi like we did. From our Boscolo hotel in Praha 1 – the city centre – it was about 450 CZK and you’re being dropped of right at the very entrance. Our taxi driver gave us his phone number so we didn’t have to go through the hassle of finding a cab to get back (I didn’t spot a designated taxi stop at first sight there).

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Prague Urban Adventures

Last week, me and my girlfriend visited Prague. We’d both been there as kids but didn’t remember much and we sure weren’t interested in culture back then. So we went back! During our first full day in this lovely city, we did the Prague Discovery Tour organized by Prague Urban Adventures. Our tour guide Pete waited for us at 9 in the morning at the Municipal House. With a small group of around 10 people, we went for a walk in the city. On our first stop, Wenceslas square, which we reached through a hidden pedestrian gallery, we learned more about the history of Prague, like the Prague Spring in 1968 or the Velvet Revolution!

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Concert Noble & Bibliothèque Solvay

Last week I had the honor of visiting two very impressive venues right in the heart of Brussels: Concert Noble and Bibliothèque Solvay. The venues are owned by Edificio, specialized in hosting exclusive events. Edificio provides a complete package, which means they assist you with all the organisational aspects of your event, e.g. providing audio-visual equipment, musicians, custom decorations…

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Chopin Museum Warsaw

Apart from the iconic Palace of Culture and Science, there was another attraction I particularly enjoyed in Warsaw and it’s the Fryderyck Chopin Museum. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, I think it’s a must see for anyone a bit interested in culture or classical music.

Fryderyck Chopin is one of Poland’s most famous people. He was a music composer and pianist from the 19th century. I’m not gonna give you a boring lecture about his life or work, the museum can teach you much better, and less boring!

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How budget airlines can be so cheap

You hear a lot about how flying is so expensive and how even the most well-known airlines are making losses. They try to come up with new ideas like creating their own budget airline, like Lufthansa’s Eurowings, or United‘s TED (which no longer exists), but they don’t seem to succeed in making profit. While many major airlines are struggling, it seems budget airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, or Wizzair are thriving. But how do budget airlines manage to survive then?

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Tulum Mayan Ruins

If you’re ever in Mexico, chances are you’re going to do an activity that involves Mayan culture. Eastern Mexico has some extraordinary archeological sites, of which the best known and most beautiful are those in Tulum, Cobá (Quintana Roo) and Chichén Itzá (Yucatan).

I went to visit the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Quintana Roo, which was available as a cruise excursion on the Celebrity Silhouette. Almost every cruise line that docks in Cozumel offers this, and even if you’re staying in a resort there, I’m sure the hotel can set you up for an excursion.

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The trip started with a ferry ride from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen. I’m used to rough seas, but still managed to get seasick! As did all the other passengers. What a ride! Maybe it had something to do with the boat being a catamaran, I don’t know. Anyway, after that all went super great!  In Playa del Carmen we were up for a bus ride and a mandatory stop at one of the shops along the road. I can’t believe someone acutally buys something there. Since this was the first time in Mexico for me, I found it to be very interesting to see how that part of the country looked like. Lots of abandoned buildings on the right hand side of the road, luxurious resorts on the left side. And absolutely nothing to do in the environment. It clearly is intended for the resort guest to not leave the area if you’re not going on an excursion. A bit later we arrived at the archeological site. Lots of colorful wild birds there, and iguanas running wild! It’s actually quite a big area there and the ruins were in good condition. You get a really good impression of how life would have been in Tulum, which served as a main port for Cobá. Main attractions are the Great Palace, and the Castillo, right on a cliff by the seaside!

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If you plan on going to Tulum, don’t forget your swimwear. There’s a beautiful, intimate beach on site, which wasn’t very busy at the time I visited.

If you ever find yourself in the area, I highly recommend going to Tulum!

In a few months I’m going back to visit Chichén Itzá. For those who went there, feel free to share your thoughts below!

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Cruise ship review: Norwegian Epic

In October 2015, I did a cruise on the Mediterranean sea aboard the Norwegian Epic. During September and October, the Epic underwent a massive refurbishment to get the 2010 ship back in mint condition. There were also a few new shows added to the line-up, such as Priscilla Queen of the Dessert, and Burn the Floor.